The [Non-Existent] Made For Outlet (MFO) Conundrum

August 29, 2016

The TODAY Show Puts Outlet vs. Retail Shopping to the Test
The Outlet Resource Group Weighs In On the Winner

August 29, 2016 –The TODAY Show took to the streets of Manhattan to see if customers could actually tell the difference when it comes to shopping retail goods vs. made for outlet goods (MFO) because let’s be honest, the majority of shoppers prefer a good deal. What was the consensus? By and large, the consumers felt that the MFO goods were superior and more expensive than the retail goods.This TODAY show story reveals the truth about outlets – the outlet shopping experience offers the same styles, trends and brand names as the retail stores but at a fraction of the cost. Outlet shopping is the only portion of brick and mortar retail that is still growing and as the TODAY Show discovered, there’s really no need to pay retail this back to school shopping season…or ever.To read and view the full story, click here.