WSJ: America’s Art Scenes Off the Beaten Track

A piece on the Wall Street Journal by Kelly Crow focused on some of the country’s “hidden art scenes” that are often forgotten by visitors when they focus on big cities. In the mix was the hometown, Kansas City, of our client, BluHawk.

Kansas City is rapidly growing and evolving, becoming a rich and diverse city. Part of the city’s richness includes their art scene. See was Crow had to say in the article “America’s Art Scenes Off the Beaten Track:”

Known For: This Midwestern city is beloved for its jazz and barbecue, but artists Thomas Hart Benton and Robert Morris lived here, and the Kansas City Art Institute’s robust ceramics program has spurred generations of collectors to pay as much for pottery as they might a painting. Longtime dealer Sherry Leedy said she no longer shows at far-flung fairs because her existing supporters can sustain her artists’ careers.

Must-See: Kansas City has a population of about 500,000, coincidentally around the number of annual visitors to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The museum is prized for its Caravaggio, “Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness,” as well as its edgy contemporary shows. Up now: Exhibits on artists from the region include Wendell Castle and Wilbur Niewald.

Local Hero: Kansas City-born artist Andrzej Zieliński explores the ways machinery can make people anxious by re-creating copiers, paper shredders and other gadgets using warped sheets of translucent plastic. The Yale graduate currently has a show, “Indoor Habitat,” up through Oct. 2 at Emporia State University.

Insider Tip: Kansas City this month launched a new citywide biennial, “Open Spaces,” with 46 artists—half of whom hail from the region. Collector Bill Gautreaux said he admires the local focus and recommends Ebony Patterson’s “…called up,” an abandoned swimming pool that the artist cleaned up and festooned with flowers, and Kansas City Art Institute alum Nick Cave’s “Hy-Dyve” installation in a former Catholic church. “Open Spaces” runs through Oct. 28.

We know the city has high potential and will continue to grow. We’re excited to be a part of the evolving city through BluHawk.


Mitchell Brown

Mitchell Brown

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Marketing