TORG Europe

TORG’s goal in Europe is to be a significant force in the outlet industry supporting investors in development, leasing and management of their outlet schemes.

No other outlet development and management consultancy group in Europe today is as cross-border thinking and internationally connected as TORG – quintessential perquisites for international comparisons, consumer understanding, business networking and leasing.

Over the past two years, the European TORG team has worked on the assessment and development of future outlet sites as well as the commercialization of concrete projects under development.

TORG’s European expertise encompasses the following skillset:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Site identification
  • Development consultation/planning consent strategy work with international network of architects and urban planners in the outlet sector
  • Design consultancy and land planning
  • Financial consultation, capitalization and acquisition
  • Merchandise mix strategy
  • Marketing strategy: business-to-business and business-to-consumer
  • “Best Practices” in development, store delivery and leasing terms
  • Powerful leasing and negotiation
  • Effective and efficient management
  • Marketing Monitoring: we conduct regular monitoring of all key markets in the Europe including Germany, France, Benelux and Switzerland. We dispose of benchmark numbers and databases of many relevant outlet centers across Europe.