International Outlet Pioneers & Practitioners

A World-Class Network

TORG is the only truly integrated, international alliance of outlet experts. Principal Lisa Wagner was a founding executive for two successful European outlet development companies, and maintains a high international profile. TORG spans the world to access global brands — more than once, we’ve been the first to bring an outlet center to a given country.

All shoppers are created equal. But some like to purchase more than others, and exhibit different patterns and cultural nuances. Our team has the depth of experience in international travel tourism and the contacts to show for it. We know how to reach international outlet shoppers: how to motivate them to visit our centers, reward them and incentivize return visits. Our team is multinational and multilingual, and bridges cultural gaps to invite customers from across the globe to the outlet experience.

TORG has unparalleled experience in outlet centers on five continents and in many cases, being the first to introduce them to a given country. Our expertise in tenant representation, site negotiation and expansion strategies are global in scope.

Just like our team in the states, our international team holds a comprehensive knowledge of outlet opportunities and provides services tailor-made for each region they work in. They possess a deep understanding of feasibility assessments, site identification, development consultation, planning, strategy, marketing, capitalization and acquisitions, among other key services. Proficient at leasing and tenant relationship building, they have nurtured key connections with regional developers and retail license holders that are invaluable when guiding brands and retailer expansion, and navigating transactions in established and emerging markets.

In short, TORG is a world player and a proven and trusted partner for outlet ventures around the globe.

International Expertise

TORG principals have opened more than 65 outlet centers around the world

TORG team members have leased in excess of 2.5 million square meters.

TORG’s international experts are fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

We have experience in outlet centers on five continents, living and retailing in the United States, European Union, United Arab Emirates, The People’s Republic of China, Latin America and Africa.

TORG team members have been involved with the ownership and management of scores of centers in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, France, Romania, Mexico, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Kuwait, the Balkans and China

Our international skill set includes:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Site identification
  • Development consultation/planning consent strategy work with international network of architects and urban planners in the outlet sector
  • Design consultancy and land planning
  • Financial consultation, capitalization and acquisition
  • Merchandise mix strategy
  • Marketing strategy: business-to-business and business-to-consumer
  • “Best Practices” in development, store delivery and leasing terms
  • Powerful leasing and negotiation
  • Effective and efficient management
  • Marketing Monitoring: we conduct regular monitoring of all key markets in the Europe including Germany, France, Benelux and Switzerland. We dispose of benchmark numbers and databases of many relevant outlet centers across Europe

Brand Representation

Our team has strong credentials on the retailer side of the industry, with team members on both sides of the Atlantic proficient in tenant representation, site negotiation and expansion strategies.  Our American team has transacted tenant leases in 48 of the 50 US states, and is intimately familiar with deal terms, location specifics and opportunity markets. Our European team has transacted in numerous countries and carries the same in-depth knowledge of outlet opportunities in both established and emerging markets. Our teams are able to seamlessly guide brands and retailers through expansion in traditional retail locations, within wholesale and ‘store in store’ environments, and in outlet centers.