About Us


Using an integrated approach, The Outlet Resource Group (TORG) works with owners and developers to strategically reposition underperforming assets, maximize performance of existing centers, develop new outlet center destinations, and provide professional guidance on retail expansion. TORG also acquires, develops, leases and markets centers around the world, from initial feasibility appraisal to a successful, value-enhancing exit.

TORG’s breadth of knowledge spans from international retail expertise to development and asset management, amassing a truly unparalleled group of experts wholly focused on maximizing value for all stakeholders.

Powered by the dual vision and considerable experience of principals Lisa Wagner and David Hinkle, TORG aspires to create the world’s best outlet centers from the ground up, leveraging experience in all sectors of the outlet industry to deliver value for investors, retailer partners and shoppers.

To accomplish this, our best-in-class advisory group, comprised of deeply experienced, innovative and insightful experts, envisions and delivers sector-leading outlet centers, creating sustainable value for investors, owners, retailers, shoppers and communities. It’s this comprehensive experience and thorough understanding of retail that enables TORG’s 360-degree view of any retail situation, empowering our clients and partners to deliver value at every touchpoint.

TORG is the only global alliance of experts that delivers a truly comprehensive approach to outlets. Our deep experience and thorough understanding of every facet of the outlet industry — from finance and acquisitions to leasing, marketing and more — enables us to deliver informed, integrated solutions.

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Powered by the dual vision and experience of principals Lisa Wagner and David Hinkle, TORG has assembled a deeply experienced team to deliver on its mission to clients. Our depth and breadth of outlet experience is truly unmatched in the industry — equipping us with a 360-degree vantage point, which we activate and leverage to deliver value to our clients.