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WSJ: America’s Art Scenes Off the Beaten Track

by Mitchell Brown / September 19, 2018

A piece on the Wall Street Journal by Kelly Crow focused on some of the country’s “hidden art scenes” that are often forgotten by visitors when they focus on big cities. In the mix was the hometown, Kansas City, of our client, BluHawk. Kansas City is rapidly growing and evolving, becoming a rich and diverse […]

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REBusiness Online: Grocery Stores, Restaurants Dominate Retail Development in Kansas City Market

by Mitchell Brown / September 14, 2018

By Max DiCarlo As most that pay attention to commercial real estate know, the retail real estate market is constantly evolving. That said, with change comes opportunity, and we are both recognizing and capitalizing on that opportunity in the Kansas City market. As has been the case for the last few years, we continue to […]

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International Real Estate Investor: Can Outlet Centers Continue to Succeed by Luring Shoppers with Bargains and ‘Experience?’

by Mitchell Brown /

By: Liz Wolf | Sep 13, 2018 While many CRE pros agree that outlet centers are today’s best-performing retail asset, some say the sector may be losing some of its appeal. As regional malls continue to grapple with tenant bankruptcies and store closings, outlet centers by many accounts have been thriving. Shopping centers offering an […]

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ONE Travel Conference: 5 Key Takeaways

by Mitchell Brown / September 5, 2018

The One Travel Conference brings tourism representatives from all over the country, along with visitors from around the world. The conference discusses the topics of shopping, dining and cultural tourism in the United States. Attendees learn about new research, upcoming trends, growth strategies and about the tourism industry in general. This year, the One Travel […]

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